Surface Treatment Facility

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The surface treatment facility is built for airborne equipment,aircraft instrument,major projects of the state and commercial products.

This facility has the capabilities of repairing,maintenance,producing and processing the parts and components for commercial plane of Boeing and Pratt & Whitney Company of America as well as Rolls-Royce Company of Britain.

Surface Treatment:Black Hard Anodize,Sulfuric/Phosphoric Acid Anodize,Chem Film,Epoxy Polyamide and etc.

Materials:Aluminum,Stainless Steel,Copper,Titanium and other Metal and alloys.



Heat Treatment Facility

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We can conduct hot working of all black and non-ferrous metal materials as well as magnetic materials.

Equipment:Owns 6 units of vacuum annealing,vacuum hardening and temper heat treatment(vacuum degree less than 10-3Pa)equipment.A dozen of regular box-type resistance furnaces and well-type resistance furnaces.Two atmosphere furnaces.

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