Machining & Assembly

Machining & Assembly Facility

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Holding company has built specialized production lines which are one of the best in Asia,such as CNC machining,Surface Treatment and Ultra-Clean Assembly production line.We also have built various aviation production lines based on CAPP and CAM technology.

Materials:Titanium,Aluminum,Stainless Steel,Copper,Composite.

Machining Equipments:

5-Axises and 3-Axises Machining Center

CNC Lathe

Precision Universal Grinding Machine

High Precision EDM Machine

High Precision Walking Thread Cutting Machine

Vertical/Horizontal Machining center

High-Speed Milling Processing Center

Sheet Metal Processing Center



Quality Control Test Center Facility

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Holding company's Physicochemical and Metrological Test Center is able to undertake the inspection and analysis for specialized instrument,metals and nonmetals in electricity,thermology,mass,time frequency and dimensions.

The Test Center gained the CNAS certification at 2005.

At present,the center has many sets of first-class testing equipments,especially in the field of space dimension measuring and internal defect analyzing for complex parts and the measuring for metals and magnetic materials such as High Precision Direct-Reading Spectrograph,Three-Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM)and etc.

The center also has non-destructive inspection center including X-Ray,Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle inspection.

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